What to Wear This Season

Hello and welcome back to “So You Want To…” the column where I give you lewks and suggestions for events, vibes, and sometimes even fictional romance characters! The month, I am gifting you with another trend report for fall, because if you can believe it, September is…right around the corner? I know, it’s shocking. Let’s get into the fall fashion trends for 2022.

As usual, I have bravely chosen to ignore the trends that I truly refuse to allow to return — ballet flats, I am looking at you! But we are still seeing a lot of late 90s (yay!) and early aughts (trauma!) looks, and I can only ignore so much. Let’s get into it!


Perhaps because we are going truly maximalist with shoes, pants and jackets this season, tops are relatively sedate! The runways for fall collections were filled with classic black and white tanks, as well as big, oversized dress shirts. If you are looking to up the daring factor, well you are in luck, because corsets are coming back in a big way. The see through slash sheer moment that started way back in the spring is still with us, so hit em with a drama sleeve! Why not!


Oh, did you want some VOLUME? You are in luck, because pants simply show literally no sign of getting smaller. Many of them are…troublingly low waisted, but jeans are big, trousers are big, cargos are big and relaxed! Color-wise, you can literally never go wrong with a classic olive green. Also? Metallics are happening in a big way — silver in particular. Do those silver flares make me feel like I am about to saunter into my high school gymnasium to “Lady Marmalade”? Yes, yes they do. Thankfully, I can slide on a big pair of wide leg pleated trousers instead, like those Madewell ones!

Skirts and Dresses

Alright, the other huge moment happening right now is texture. We are living for satin and quilted items and leather and faux leather and faux fur. Hemline-wise, the options are many and varied! Fall maxis are everywhere — but not in the staid neutrals we tend to see come September, but in a ton of bright pinks. Is this the Barbie movie influence? Maybe! Leather skirts and dresses are huge right now. I looove this preppy miniskirt moment from Eloquii. How are we feeling about a midi length? Because you are gonna see a lot of knee length hemlines, and while I am not quite sold, I do like that there are so many options?

Coats and Jackets

As an avowed coatsexual, I would be remiss to not bring you some hot coat and jacket trends. Thrilled to see my personal lord and savior — the big blazer — is here for this season. Honestly, between the big blazers and the many many quilted jackets I saw while combing through the internet, I am going on the record and saying it: This fall, Horse Girls™ are IN. Of course, the moto jacket is always gonna hit for fall, this year let yourself lean into some unexpected and luxe texture combinations. Fur and leather? Why not! And if I can get everyone on this earth to buy a classic camel trench, I will truly feel like I have made a worthy contribution to the world.


Okay, I am just gonna say it: Shoes are wild this season. I chose four of the most repeated themes I saw while scouring the big bad internet, which means I did not include the wild things we are doing with platforms, heels, and over the knee boots. (“Are you wearing the—” “Chanel boots? Yeah, I am.”)  But the big themes are: classic white sneakers, funky platform loafers, western inspired boots and yeah, MORE SILVER!

Tell me what your fall fashion vibes are, and as always, if you have an event, a look, a vibe you want to dress for, let me know!

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