Wedding Fashion Trends That Are No Longer Cool In 2022

So, what exactly isn’t on-trend for weddings? According to wedding stylist Anny Choi, who spoke to Who What Wear about both outdated and upcoming trends, it seems a lot of things are less cool than you might think. Perhaps surprisingly, Choi shared that many brides are turning away from the tradition of matching bridesmaid dresses and opting for a similar color scheme instead. Due to everyone having a different body type, Choi shared that bridesmaids feel their best when they are able to pick out the silhouette and style of their dress. She also revealed that most brides now opt for more general themes when it comes to bridesmaids, such as “shades of blue” or “spring florals.” That way, everyone’s individuality can shine through.

Another trend that hasn’t made it to 2023 involves wedding shoes — more specifically, brides wearing towering stilettos on their wedding day. As Choi states, this doesn’t mean you have to give up heels entirely. It simply means that more brides are opting for platforms or other comfier variations of a heel so they can enjoy their wedding day to the fullest. Vogue adds that all-white is definitely on the way out, too, with muted shades becoming less popular in favor of bolder picks. Several wedding experts also chimed in to say that couples planning a wedding want a bright and colorful affair that reflects the celebratory aspect.

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