Viva Talks: The future of fashion, stylising chaos, and Woodstock 99


“Gremlin Mode” is one element of a new fashion trend towards “chaos”. Photo / Warner Bros

The future of fashion in New Zealand is up in the air, and one option for future trends includes Goblin Core – or “Gremlin Mode”.

On this week’s episode of Viva Talks, the companion podcast of Viva magazine, editor Amanda Linnell is joined by deputy editor Johanna Thornton and fashion and commercial editor Dan Ahwa to discuss what’s around the corner in fashion.

It comes after several years of disruption to the local industry and around the world due to Covid-19 forcing cancellation of fashion weeks, including in New Zealand. But as the team discusses, the path forward is taking on a hybrid model – and a lack of fashion shows appears to be working in people’s favour.

One option for fashion’s future includes the rise of chaos-based fashion trend, with “gremlin mode” and “goblincore” rising in recent years.

Other options include the rise of expensive twists on low-fi items – including a new Balenciaga trash bag that costs nearly $3000.

Also on today’s episode, the panel discusses the love-themed new issue of the Viva quarterly edition coming out at the end of the month, and they gush over a brand new Netflix documentary that re-examines the chaos of the disastrous 1999 Woodstock concert.

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