These Will Be the 6 Biggest Print Trends for Fall 2022

If someone were to peek inside your closet, what insights do you think they’d glean? Whether we like it or not, our wardrobes can say a lot about us. Nothing, in my mind, speaks more to someone’s personality than what they choose to wear (besides astrology). Our clothes are putting our values on our sleeves. They can display what we put a monetary value on—whether we’re investing in designer bags or supporting Black-owned brands—and what matters most to us. Most importantly, they put our whole personality on display.

You can push a few hangers to the side in anyone’s closet and immediately tell if someone is pragmatic or enigmatic simply by seeing if their closet is filled with neutrals or colors. You can tell if someone follows trends or likes standing out from the crowd based on the kind of printed clothing they wear. Basically, prints can speak long before we’ve opened our mouths. They’re a powerful tool for self-expression, and no one understands that better than designers. 

While previous seasons may have been all about color trends or extreme hemlines, fall/winter 2022 collections made it clear that prints (in all forms) are back and louder than ever. To prove that point, I’ve rounded up the six biggest print trends to know about this fall. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist to your core, there’s a print in here that will speak to your soul. 

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