The Daily Grind: Which type of MMO is most focused on fashion wars?

I’ve been thinking about this topic since, ever since, Blizzard tweeted a joke about cursed mogs in World of Warcraft. Even though vanilla WoW certainly made everyone start in tatters and end in mismatched endgame gear, modern WoW isn’t such a good thing. An old piece of gear to make fun of transmog is a complete gameplay style.

So I started thinking about some new technologies. I can’t see the old MMOs; even Ultima Online had a huge range of clothes and dyes in 1997. I can’t just look at games focused on PvP; Albion Online players are careful about their cosmetics. I have trouble thinking of certain MMORPGs in which fashion plays an important part, which makes me gleam when I think of all the toxic blowhards that play online dress-up with us.

Do you tell me what kind of actor you were saying is most important about fashion?

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