SunLive – Showcasing vintage fashion

Step back in time today,  Saturday, September 24, and enter the fashion world of the 1940s-1980s at the Vintage Fashion Show.

Lover of all things vintage and retro, the show’s host Amy Turner has been collecting vintage clothes for 23 years.

“It’s my personal collection that I’ve been collecting since I was 15,” says Amy.

She says the event will show off 35 outfits of five different decades.

“It’s a showcase of vintage clothes from the 1940s right up to the 1980s.”

The evening will include dancing, supper and “a few men in uniform” participating in the show too.

Amy Turner loves the elegance of 1940s women’s outfits complete with hat, gloves and a handbag. Photo: John Borren.

Asked where her interest in vintage fashion came from, Amy: “I think I’ve always just been interested in different styles of clothes and then I found a few vintage clothes in op shops – I just loved the design of them and then started collecting them,” says Amy.

She has a particular fondness of the 1940s styling.

“I love the way women always had their hat, handbag and gloves. They had the full outfit all put together and were very elegant and stylish.”

Amy’s love of vintage clothes flows into her own daily wear too.

“I don’t really have modern clothes…you won’t find me in activewear or anything like that.”

The show will raise funds for Homes of Hope Charity, of which Amy is an ongoing supporter.

“They have private homes where the children can live instead of being in the foster system and they like to keep siblings together as well – it’s good work that they do,” says Amy.

This will be Amy’s fourth and final show, as she’s ready to move on and free up some wardrobe space!

Check out the show’s clothes as Amy is interested in selling her pieces at a later date.

The fashion show is 7pm Saturday, September 24, at Otumoetai Baptist Church, 241 Otumoetai Rd. Door sale tickets are $20.

Wear your best vintage get-up to win a prize for ‘best dressed’.

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