I’m a fashion whizz – the seven outfits you should never wear to a wedding – and why red is a massive no-no

A FASHION expert has revealed the list of outfits to best leave in your wardrobe if you’re heading for a wedding.

A wedding is stressful not just for the bride and the groom organising the big event but also those attending it.


The Aussie revealed the list of no-nos on social media, where the video has gone viralCredit: Instagram/mei_yap/
The whizz explained why attending a wedding in red might not be the best of ideas


The whizz explained why attending a wedding in red might not be the best of ideasCredit: Instagram/mei_yap/

From trying to figure out what to gift the lucky couple to planning the outfit, being a wedding guest often comes with a headache.

Fortunately, offering a helping hand to those who are currently looking at their wardrobe unsure what to wear, one fashion expert has revealed the seven outfits to best leave for another occasion.

The styling pro, Mei Yap, from Australia, took it to Instagram to share the biggest no-nos – and it’s bad news if you were considering arriving in all red.

First up on the lengthy list was anything with more than 30 per cent white – so if your dress has a floral print with a white background, you might want to reconsider the outfit.

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If white is off limits, surely light colours, such as pastels, are fine, right?

No – according to the whizz, these are too close to white, which has long been the main unwritten rule for wedding guests.

On the other side of the spectrum there’s black – a safe choice many fashionistas go for on a day-to-day basis.

But, as the Aussie explained, someone’s wedding day is not the appropriate time to rock your best black dress.

”Nothing that looks too businessy,” Mei said, whilst posing in an office-friendly dress.

Another type of outfit to keep home is anything that’s too revealing and shows a lot of skin – a mini dress with deep decollete is on the banned list.

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Going through all the colours of the rainbow, Mei said you need to avoid red.

”In a lot of cultures red is reserved for the bride. Even so, bright red colours like this draw a lot of attention,” she explained, adding that deeper reds are usually okay.

When it comes to adding some accessories to complete the look, be careful – as large statement rings had also made it on the banned list.

The only exception here, she noted, is your own engagement ring.

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”Even if the bride and groom and cool, it is still best to avoid these things unless they are in the dress code.

”My mum wore a white floral dress to my wedding. She ran it by me and I was fine with it at the time, but now when I look at the photos I’m a bit upset about it,” the Aussie revealed.

Be careful with the accessories as well, she warned


Be careful with the accessories as well, she warnedCredit: Instagram/mei_yap/
Short dresses with a deep decollete - not the most wedding-friendly outfit


Short dresses with a deep decollete – not the most wedding-friendly outfitCredit: Instagram/mei_yap/
Formal business-wear doesn't belong at someone's big day, she said


Formal business-wear doesn’t belong at someone’s big day, she saidCredit: Instagram/mei_yap/
All black is another colour that's best saved for a different occasion


All black is another colour that’s best saved for a different occasionCredit: Instagram/mei_yap/

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