I’m a fashion guru & there’s five Autumn trends you should avoid – & why I hate a 90s trend that’s making a comeback

WHEN it comes to fashion, everyone has their own personal taste and style.

But one fashion guru named Louisa Bella, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared five Autumn fashion trends that she’ll not be participating in.


Louisa Bella shared five Autumn fashion trends that she’d never be caught wearingCredit: TikTok/@louisa_bella
Ballet pumps have made a comeback this year - much to Louisa's dismay


Ballet pumps have made a comeback this year – much to Louisa’s dismayCredit: Getty

In the clip, she begins by addressing vests – particularly the cropped variety.

“Look, I have nothing against vests, but you’ll never catch me wearing them by themselves,” says Louisa.

“Whenever I see people wear vests like this, I just think they’re missing something, like a dress shirt.”

Next up, the fashionista tackles the topic of pinstripes.

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“They look great with a dress shirt or a button up even, but not with a t-shirt – especially not with running shoes,” she explains.

“Pin stripes are a corporate look and you can’t convince me otherwise.”

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The fashion fan also discusses a recent 90s trend that has found itself back onto the shelves at high-street store, Primark – ballet shoes.

“I’ve been saying that ballet flats are coming back since the beginning of the year and it’s finally happening – and I hate it,” she says.

“Your feet get so sweaty, your feet get so smelly, the ballet flats offer no support and you need special socks for them.”

Louisa then moves onto discuss a particularly controversial style of shoe – clogs.

She comments: “You know sometimes people wear trainers to dress down a look, clogs dress down your look to the point you look like you’re taking out the rubbish – and look like you’ve thrown on the most random pair of shoes.”

She then flashes up a photo of some short Ugg boots and continues: “If I’ve talked about clogs, I’ve got to talk about these Uggs, too.

“I’ve never been a fan of Uggs. They look like you should wear them around the house, they do super bad in the snow.”

Louisa concludes by adding: “”You’ll not catch me wearing any of those trends.

If you like them, continue to wear them, you don’t need to listen to me – I’m not your mum!”

The post has since received a whopping 111,000 views and been inundated with comments from fashion enthusiasts across the globe – but not everyone was in agreement.

“I agree with everything except ballet flats. I think they’re a good way to look classy without the discomfort of heels,” wrote one.

A second quipped: “I believed in you until Uggs.”

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A third commented: “I love vests, just not when they are worn on their own.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “I agree with everything but the pinstripe pants. paired with my docs, I can’t live without them.”

Louisa also told how she wouldn't be seen in clogs


Louisa also told how she wouldn’t be seen in clogsCredit: Getty

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