I’m a fashion guru and there’s three trends everyone should steer clear of for Autumn, they’re way too faddy

KEEPING up with the latest trends can feel like a never-ending task – and a pricey one at that.

But one fashion guru named Lizzie Greenberg took to TikTok to share some of the trends that she’s NOT buying for Autumn 2022.


Lizzie Greenberg shared some of the trends that she’s not buying for Autumn 2022Credit: tiktok
The fashion guru thinks people will look back and regret the cowboy boot trend


The fashion guru thinks people will look back and regret the cowboy boot trendCredit: Getty

In the clip, she quips: “It’s honestly quite impressive because I’m usually marketed to very easily and very easily influenced!”

First up, the fashion guru advises steering clear of vests.

“I think they’re going to come and go and it’s just not a look I like,” she explains. “Each to their own!”

Next up on her list of wardrobe items to avoid are cowboy boots.

She then shares an image of an influencer wearing a pair with a mini skirt, black best and leather jacket.

“Don’t get me wrong, this slays! Slay, slay slay!” Lizzie quips.

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“I just think they’re going to come and go and we’re going to look back at this and think ‘hmmm.'”

Lastly are the Birkenstock Bostons, which retail at £120.

They’ve been spotted on a whole host of celebrities – from Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner to Dakota Johnson.

But still, Lizzie isn’t convinced.

“Don’t get me wrong again, super cute – f***ing love these!” she enthuses. “But do you think these are going to be the new mini Uggs of the season?

“Where they’re the moment for two months and then we’re over them. And I own other shoes like this, so I’m not investing.”

The post has since garnered a whopping 55,000 views and been flooded with comments – with very mixed reviews.

“I agree with all but the Bostons are growing on me,” admitted one.

A second commented: “Idk but Bostons were so huge when I was in high school like 6 years ago?? So wild to me that no one knew about them before.”

A third penned: “Agree with the Bostons!!!! I am easily influenced too lol but these I can’t get into.”

Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: “Wait mini Uggs are already out?! I can’t even keep up anymore.”

Another defended cowboy boots and noted: “A good pair of cowboy boots will last forever and I have seen them come and go that many times.”

Elsewhere, another social media user admitted: “Nah been through the 2006 vest era and I could only cringe at them now.”

Birkenstock Bostons were also on Lizzie's hit list


Birkenstock Bostons were also on Lizzie’s hit list

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