I’m a fashion expert – the two items I see everyday but you MUST avoid – they instantly make you look cheap

We all want to look glamorous, right?

Well, if you want to impress people with your fashion sense, you’ve come to the right place.


Fashion expert Ana Reyes has taken to TikTok revealing the two fashion items you should avoid if you want to look elegantCredit: Tiktok/@anareyess__
According to Ana, distressed high-waisted jeans instantly make you look tacky


According to Ana, distressed high-waisted jeans instantly make you look tackyCredit: Tiktok/@anareyess__
Large sunglasses are another item that Ana hates


Large sunglasses are another item that Ana hatesCredit: Tiktok/@anareyess__

Ana Reyes, TikTok’s fashion and elegance expert, has 87.9k followers and 1.5million likes on TikTok and regularly posts fashion tips, tricks and life hacks.

The fashionista has shared a variety of videos on the fashion items that instantly make you look tacky and the looks to avoid quickly if you want to look elegant.

And in one of her recent videos, Ana shared the two fashion items that all women should immediately steer clear from.

She said: “Fashion pieces that make you look cheap and you should avoid if you want to look elegant this spring and summer.”

I’m a fashion expert…the mistakes everyone makes that instantly ruin an outfit
I’m a style expert…the go-to look people MUST avoid that makes you look shorter

The first item on Ana’s list to avoid are distressed denim shorts. 

According to Ana, these shorts are not flattering or elegant in the slightest. 

The fashionista said: “Avoid wearing high-waisted denim shorts, especially if they are distressed or too short. 

“Distressed denim is low quality and if you have worn these shorts you will know they always bunch up in the wrong areas and you have to constantly pull them down.

“Also if they are too short, your behind is going to fall out.

“A better and elegant option would be the white dressy shorts that are literally more comfortable than the denim ones and they still look really classy.”

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And the second item that Ana warns against are very large sunglasses.

She advised: “Stay away from the huge shades that cover your entire face.

“Avoid all of these colourful shades.

“I am not saying to wear tiny sunglasses because I know that their purpose is to protect your eyes from the sun, but do opt for something that doesn’t cover your entire face or look cheap and flimsy. 

Ana’s fashion tip video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up a whopping 199.1k views. 

It has 12.6k likes, 122 comments and 24 shares. 

Fashion fans were thankful for the tips and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “I used to not agree with your content but I’ve come to realise you’re right lol pls keep it up!”

Another added: “Good tips! I love it.” 

A third commented: “Your content is literally helping my feminine journey. Thank you.”

However, not everyone agreed with the fashion expert’s advice.

One TikTok user stated: “I don’t agree with sunglasses, I like to hide my face so it’s protected from the sun.”

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Someone else added: ”Avoid high waisted shorts…………? What.”

Another person admitted: “I’ve never felt more personally attacked than I do right now.. what else am I supposed to do besides big sunnies, AC/DC crop top & my SHORTS!?!?!?!”

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