How the royal family has influenced your style for years

Millions of people across the world are focused on the royal family with the passing of the Queen. We’ve learned more of how she and the royals have shaped history during her reign, and one way they actually impacted the world is through their fashion. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to discuss their influence on style that you may have in your closet right now.

Jordan used outfits from Shops on Top in Detroit to showcase the everyday styles which impact the world. He says The Duke of Windsor, King Edward VII, was the founder of modern men’s wear. He was known for a sleek, timeless look that was just as relevant in 1936 as it is now.

According to Jordan, Wallis Warfield-Simpson was one of the greatest style icons of the 20th century. “She was the Duchess of Windsor, and she was known for very constructed suits and simple lines in her dresses. But, it was all about the accessories for her and she had amazing accessories, of course worth millions,” Jordan said.

Princess Margaret was considered an “it girl” who tried numerous fashion trends because she thought her sister played it too safe when it came to style.

King Charles III is known for a double-breasted suit which happens to be a big trend in men’s wear currently, according to Jordan.

“Classic style is always safe, it’s just about being creative in your interpretation,” Jordan said.

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