Gucci North America Announces Recipients Of Their ‘Changemakers Impact’ Grants

Gucci has completely changed the landscape of fashion with its iconic designs.

Now, they’re taking steps to foster a new generation of groundbreakers. On August 12, Gucci North America’s Changemakers program announced the third round of recipients Impact Fund and Scholars Program.

Out of more than 400 applicants, 12 scholarship recipients were selected. They are: Antonio Finamore-Phillips, Otis College; Cassius Palacio, University of Southern California; Dekaye Hailu, University of California, Los Angeles; Doreen Pierre, Parsons School of Design; Dorothy Pallanes, Drexel University; Exodus Broussard, Loyola Marymount University; Jalynn McDuffey, Florida A&M University; Madison Grant, Xavier University of Louisiana; Mahlon West, Howard University; Miles Richards, College of Creative Studies; Nathan Batra, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and Theodora Etokimo, Toronto Metropolitan University.

Gucci’s Changemakers program was launched in 2019 to bolster DEI focused community organization in the fashion industry through a $5 million fund. Additionally, their $1.5 million scholarship fund was created to support students pursuing design education.

“It has been an honor leading Gucci Changemakers North America as we continue to set the industry standard for impactful and creative community focused initiatives,” said Antoine Phillips, vice president of brand and culture engagement at Gucci America in a news release. “These talented young people and nonprofit organizations inspire the Gucci community every single day to dream bigger than ever before. Through this work we are focused not only on amplifying their stories of impact, but inspiring lasting change through the power of arts and culture.”

The recipients will be recognized through a multimedia exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in early September.

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