First Day of School Essentials for Fall 2022

Theres no escaping it any longer—back-to-school season is officially here.

Whether school is already back in session for you or youve still got a few days of summer left to savor before heading back to the halls, this time shouldnt be one that you dread. Instead, its something to get excited for! Think about it: a new school year means new opportunities, new memories, new friends and so much more (not to mention new knowledge, we guess).

But no matter how youre feeling about heading back to class, there are some things you can do to prepare beforehand to ensure things go as smoothly as possible—one of which is making sure youve got a few key things handy. With that said, here are some first day of school essentials to get your hands on to help you have the best year yet:

1. A Notebook Youll Actually Use

Pro tip: the more notes you take while actually in class, the less youll probably need to study outside of class (and who doesnt love the sound of less homework?). The key to getting the hang of this, though, is having a notebook youll actually use. Whether that means getting one thats cute enough youll want to pull it out at every chance or just one that fits easily in your backpack or bag of choice, user-friendliness is essential.

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2. A Reliable Hand Sanitizer

After the last couple of years, this one shouldnt come as much of a shock. A good hand sanitizer—preferably one that smells great but not too strong—isnt just a necessity for the obvious reason of killing germs, but its also a good way to break the ice if youre in a class that you dont know anyone in. Offering a squeeze of sanitizer is the new offering a piece of gum, after all.

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3. Mints

Speaking of gum, its time to trade that out for s solid pack of mints. Not only is watching someone chew a stick of gum just not all that fun to watch, but it also means you have to discard of that gum at some point (or risk getting yelled at by a particularly strict instructor). Mints are just a good for your breath, but dont require you to throw anything away or swallow so much air from all the chewing.

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4. A Water Bottle Youll Keep On You at All Times

Hydration is key, people. Forget the gross water fountain or having to buy a sugary beverage from an overpriced vending machine, though, as this back-to-school essential will save you from all of that. A good water bottle that you can carry around with you easily is a no-brainer for a great school year from start to finish.

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5. A Fall Wardrobe Youll Be Falling for All Year Long

And finally, the back to school essential youre probably most excited about getting your hands on: clothes! You dont need to break the bank to update your wardrobe for the new fall semester, either. Shop the clearance section at your favorite stores, shop secondhand at a local thrift or consignment store or find ways to transition your summer wardrobe all the way through the fall. A couple good items to pick up during your next shopping trip or online splurge would be:

  • Comfortable shoes: One pair of sneakers and one pair of boots for the colder weather thats coming soon
  • Cardigans that are ultra-easy to throw on and off or tuck in your bag
  • Denim in a few solid styles: Skinny and mom are great basics for girls, and guys can rock a skinny too
  • Some solid-colored tops that can pair with just about anything

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And there you have it: a few key essentials to pick up for your first day back. With these in hand (or backpack), youll be set up for success to have your best year yet. Oh, and if you need some help taking your summer wardrobe through the halls of school when fall comes around, all you need to do is click HERE to read about how to make your summer wardrobe last through the fall.

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