Fashion fans go wild for the M&S Ugg mini dupes – they’re so comfy, almost identical and £100 cheaper

AS the weather gets colder, more and more of us are getting our fluffy socks out to keep our feet warm this Autumn.

But fashion fans are raving about a brand new pair of boots at Marks and Spencer, that you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as possible.


Fashion fans are scrambling to get their hands on the new M&S Ugg mini dupes
The M&S Ugg boot dupes are comfy, almost identical and £100 cheaper than the popular pair


The M&S Ugg boot dupes are comfy, almost identical and £100 cheaper than the popular pair

It seems that Uggs have officially won over the fashion crowd – they’re a staple shoe that not only look great, but will keep your feet warm too.

Everyone from runway models to influencers are embracing the Ugg trend and the new take on the Noughties wardrobe staple has been dominated by one style in particular.

Everyone seems to be wearing the Ugg ultra mini boots at the moment, but it’s safe to say, they don’t come cheap.

With a price tag of £135, there’s a reason why they’ve become such a celeb favourite.

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But if you are desperate to get your hands on a pair but don’t have any cash to spare, fear not, M&S have got you covered.

M&S has just dropped the perfect dupe for the Ugg mini boots and not only do they look identical, they’re £95.50 cheaper too. 

Fashion fans have been going wild for the M&S dupe product on TikTok, with many showing off their new bargain buy.

One TikTok user named Elle, known on the platform as ‘ellestothers’, posted a video showing off her new M&S purchase. 

The fashion and beauty content creator uploaded her video with the caption ‘don’t walk, run to M&S besties’.

She said: “Let me put you on to something”.

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At the start of the video we see Elle waiting outside M&S.

Just seconds later, Elle is back home and unboxes her new buy.

Elle shows off the faux fur M&S Ugg dupes and we are very impressed.

The boots are super cute, look very comfy and are great dupes. 

Characterised by the same short height and slip-on fit as the upmarket label’s bestselling mini boots, M&S’s pair retains all the classic Ugg signatures, such as the furry lining, lightweight sole and suede outer.

What’s more, these comfortable, cosy and versatile boots are only £39.50.

A whopping £95.50 cheaper than the classic pair, not only do these boots look great, but they’re a bargain too.

These boots can be worn as slippers inside the house, or paired with everything from joggers, leggings and wide leg jeans for a casual outdoor look.

They are available in chestnut beige or grey and come in many sizes, from a size 3 to a size 9. 

Elle said: “The quality is so good!!”

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 305.9k views

It has 9,653 likes, 96 comments and 312 shares. 

One person said: “I have these they’re the best dupe!!!”

Another added: “Omg!!! Ordered two colours”. 

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A third commented: “Game changer”. 

Someone else noted: “Bought the Ugg ones and didn’t like them enough to keep for £125 but I’ll get these now” to which Elle agreed “I couldn’t justify buying into the trend for it to die in a couple months, these are definitely a great alternative”. 

The original Ugg mini boots are £135 and are a celeb favourite


The original Ugg mini boots are £135 and are a celeb favourite
The M&S dupes have left fashion fans very impressed


The M&S dupes have left fashion fans very impressed

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