7 Stylish Influencers On What Scandi Style Means In 2022

Scandi style has long been associated with chic minimalism – think: tailored separates, oversized shirting and knitwear in neutral tones. But with eclectic dressing being all the rage on the streets during Copenhagen Fashion Week this season, it’s clear that this idea of Nordic fashion no longer holds true. So, what does Scandi style actually look like in 2022? Below, seven fashion-forward creatives from the region share their thoughts.

Emma Fridsell, content creator, stylist and creative consultant

Emma Fridsell during Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

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How would you define Scandi style in 2022?

Scandi fashion in 2022 is so much more than the basic pieces that I think we are so often connected with. Today I would define the style as a changing movement. Since the pandemic, I think we have all stopped taking “dressing up” for granted. Therefore people are more open-minded, both when it comes to fashion and in general.

Can you describe your own aesthetic in three words?

Colourful, playful and ever-changing.

Which Scandi brands are you most excited about right now?

Acne Studios is a brand that I always come back to but I would also say that Danish brands such as A Roege Hove and OpéraSport really make me excited.

How do you think Scandi fashion has changed over the years?

I think it started out as very minimalistic. The uniform would be black, white and beige – black bag, beige trench, white shirt and so on. Even though that definition is still a version of Scandi fashion I think we are now moving into a more experimental style. Colours are shining bright, genders are fading away and it is actually harder to define – something I see as a good thing.

Mona M Ali, founder and CEO of Fiiri Agency and Vogue Scandinavia’s diversity and inclusion editor

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What does Scandi style mean to you?

I’m a little bit different to most Scandinavians because of my culture – my background being a Somali refugee. But for me, it’s always about comfort. I think that is the general Scandinavian mentality – you want to feel comfortable.

How would you describe your own personal style?

It’s very flamboyant. I actually create my looks based off what my hair looks like. If it’s an Afro, it naturally just becomes ’70s-inspired. If it’s braids, it’s a little bit ’90s. So I go off my hair and then the rest just follows.

What are some of your favourite Scandi brands?

I wear a lot of Baum und Pferdgarten and Ganni – it’s very effortless. Gestuz is fantastic; I want to wear everything. Jade Cropper is unique as well.

Do you think Scandi style has evolved over the years?

People are just a lot more free with their style. And people are thinking more about sustainability; what pieces they want to keep; the old pieces they have. I don’t think people, especially within the fashion industry, are desperate to shop a lot.

Caroline Bille Brahe, founder of Caro Editions

Caroline Bille Brahe arriving at a show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

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What does Scandi style mean in 2022?

For me it’s all about prints. I love mixing prints and materials, I think that’s something Scandinavians have become very good at over the past few years.

How is the Scandi aesthetic reflected in your own brand?

For me, Scandinavian style is also all about being comfortable. This is a key consideration for me when designing a new piece – I want the whole collection to be as comfortable and wearable as possible.

What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

At the moment I’m obsessed with ballerina flats; they are just so easy to mix in with my wardrobe and can be used both for day and night.

How do you think Scandi style is evolving?

I think people are going to open up to way more colours and prints. I don’t see that trend stopping anytime soon.

Amelia Hoy, actor

Amelia Hoy on stage during the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen. 

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How would you define Scandi style today?

Scandi style is still rooted in bold simplicity and wearability, and it is clothing that can and will be used daily. I still enjoy watching fashionistas and models on bikes as they transport themselves from show to show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. It really speaks volumes about the demand for functionality in Scandi style.

How would you describe your own aesthetic?

Colourful, bold, comfortable, personal.

What Nordic brands are you most excited about?

I’m excited about Latimmier, Selam Fessahaye, A Roege Hove – brands that are challenging norms and the use of clothing in a Scandi/Nordic setting.

Do you think Scandi style has changed in recent years, and if so, how?

There has been a consistent development from the simplistic, wearable and functional to a more playful and colourful aesthetic throughout the past few years. I think we are now stepping into a more sophisticated tone, certainly influenced by the need for diversity, expanding gender and body norms and individualism. There are exciting references to traditional crafts and a focus on new local design and cultural narratives that I also hope will reapply value to clothing and slow the tendency of the fast fashion ethos to buy and throw away.

Babba Rivera, founder and CEO of Ceremonia

Babba Rivera during Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

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What does Scandi style mean to you?

Scandi style for me is a combination of comfy chic with an emphasis on sustainability. The Scandis are effortlessly stylish, conscious consumers and practical with their style. There are two types of styles that are most predominant in my opinion – the Danish one, mixing colours and patterns with sporty sneakers to easily be able to jet off on a bike, and the Swedish one of elevated wardrobe staples for fashionable and timeless everyday wear.

How has Scandi style changed since you moved away?

When I lived in Sweden it used to be very minimal and all-black, but as Copenhagen Fashion Week has continued to gain popularity on the world stage, I’m seeing an increase in the playfulness that Danish fashion has to offer with a greater emphasis on colours and patterns mixed with practical accessories.

How does your personal style line up with the Scandi aesthetic?

I love it! I wear a lot of Scandinavian brands myself, but I guess the New Yorker in me is still present in the sense that I still opt for less practical choices here and there, such as heels and small designer bags.

What are some of your favourite Scandi brands?

Baum und Pferdgarten, Stine Goya, Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, Totême.

Pernille Teisbaek, stylist and creative consultant

Pernille Teisbaek attending a show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

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What does Scandi style mean to you?

To me Scandinavian style is not a specific colour, silhouette or print – it’s about embracing many different impressions and making it your own.

How would you describe your own aesthetic?

My personal aesthetic is minimal and hasn’t changed much throughout the years – I wear many of the same pieces I wore eight years ago. I prefer comfort above all and my style is often more boyish than feminine, but I love to create a contrast in every look to make it more interesting, even if it’s just a tiny detail.

What are some of your go-to Scandi brands?

I have a wide range of brands that I grew up with and that I’ve been wearing for years like Ganni, Rains and By Malene Birger, but I’m also very excited about The Garment, OpéraSport and Saks Potts, to name a few.

How do you think Scandi style has evolved in recent years?

Scandinavian style has transitioned a lot throughout the past few years, but that one thing that remains is the individual way of creating a look that we feel comfortable with.

Chrystelle Eriksberger, creative content creator

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What does Scandi style mean to you?

To me it is all about personal style. A style that is true to itself, meaning that it is not regulated or too influenced by current trends.

How would you describe your personal style?

I have built a style influenced by athleisure, the ’90s and high fashion. I love a good tailored suit or dress as much as I love a good pair of sneakers. So I always try to find new and interesting ways of combining my sporty side with my love for high fashion.

What are the wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

Living in a country that has like 90 per cent cold months you need a lot of outerwear to switch between. Outerwear has become the garment you build your whole outfit around.

How do you think Scandi fashion has evolved in recent years?

I would say it is rather the meaning of Scandi style that has evolved. Before it was all about having a minimalistic style, which is kind of still the core of Scandi style. But today I feel like you can have a more eclectic Scandi style. The look has definitely evolved for the better and feels more inclusive today.

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