20 Years Later, Blue Crush’s Surfer Style Still Totally Rips

In 2002’s Blue Crush, Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) spends all of her days surfing with her little sister Penny (Mika Boorem) and friends Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake) in Hana – a small town in Maui, Hawaii. The group shares a big dream: to eventually surf on Hawaii’s famous North Shore. Eventually, Anne Marie is invited to join a surfing competition there, on the Banzai Pipeline. If she wins, it would help bring the foursome out of poverty. The film follows their journey – and along the way, it graces us with plenty of cinematic wave shots and even better surfer style. In fact, even 20 years later, the film’s beachy fashion still – to borrow a phrase from the surfers – totally rips.

Costume designed by Susan Matheson, Blue Crush’s fashion vibe is unsurprisingly all about the practical swimwear. The foursome surf in two-piece bikinis that reflect their personalities (these days, most professional surfers ride waves in wetsuit tops, though bikinis are still a popular option). Anne Marie, the film’s ambitious girl next door, often plays it classic in shades of blue and black. In one scene, she wears a Billabong surf top; the exact one – dubbed “rare” – is on eBay for $50 (£41). Eden, the feisty friend, has more of an edge: She’ll pair her American flag-print bra top with long board shorts. On their own, each bikini in the film is sleek and simple – but Matheson clearly had fun contrasting each of the swimsuits, the group shots making for an impactful clash of colours, stripes and tie-dye prints.

Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection

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