160over90 and DKNY Celebrate Self-Expression and Fashion in ‘Today I Feel’

160over90 has launched its first work for DKNY since it began working with the brand earlier this year. The campaign launches globally running across social, OOH and in-store. 

‘Today I Feel’ supports the iconic brand’s mission to form an emotional connection with the young people of tomorrow via self-expression and fashion. 

160/90 and DKNY utilised the power of the Endeavor network to enlist four unique influencers: Quannah and Miles were curated and booked through IMG Models, photography and video were sourced via Art + Commerce and styling on set was managed by The Wall Group.

Each individual featured in the campaign has vastly different personalities and styles, showcasing a wide range of emotions within the campaign. For example, Quannah, is well-known for shining a light on indigenous cultures and is fast becoming a fashion icon. Julia Cumming, lead singer of the band Sunflower Bean, brought a raw intensity that mirrors the energy of the city. Yendry gave us soulful vibes and Miles unveiled everything from pensive to pure athleticism.

About the Talent

Miles Chamley-Watson – a British-born American who moved to NYC when he was 10-years old, Miles is a right-handed foil fencer who has a long list of accolades, including being an Olympic bronze medalist, and is intertwining his risk taking mentality in fencing into his style on the runway. (Instagram handle: @fencer)

Yendry Fiorentino – born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Italy, Yendry is a Latin singer and songwriter who was featured in a Billboard article earlier this year as a Latin artist on the rise and her fashion style is a reflection of her music that stems from her own life experiences. (Instagram handle: @yendry)

Julia Cumming – raised in the East Village of NYC, Julia is not only the vocalist and bass player of the Brooklyn-based band Sunflower Bean, but she is also a political activist who models in various global fashion campaigns. (Instagram handle: @juliacumming)

Quannah Chasinghorse – having appeared on the 2020 Teen Vogue list of Top 21 under 21 and attended the Met Gala earlier this year, Quannah has a long list of accomplishments, including being a fourth-generation land protector for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and at 17 years old, having sat on the International Gwich’in Youth Council. (Instagram handle: @quannah.rose)

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