10 Winter Fashion Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Fashion industry today is moving strongly towards sustainability. Fashion shows—be it Paris, London, Milan or New York—are all focusing on clothes that are sustainable, adaptable, functional, recycled and relaxed. As we move towards the end of 2022, we will see that a lot of focus is towards keeping it simple and smart and investing in clothes that are classic and sustainable go a long way. Here are some key trends from different runways that I think will be the highlight for winter 2022:

Y2K Fashion (Late ’90s and early to mid-2000)

One of the biggest fall-winter trends of 2022-23 is Y2K fashion—from micro mini skirt with knee length boots to corsets, bandana tops, tank tops, crop tops, oversized clothes especially jackets, low waist denim and velour tracksuit. Y2K appeals to the young and old. This fashion trend brings back bubble gum pink, metallic & translucent clothes, wide leg denim trousers and lots of trendy couture reminding youngsters of their childhood and early teen days.

Tailored Fits

Well fitted garments never go out of fashion. This year there is a huge emphasis on this trend. You can wear it as office wear, evening wear and party wear. This style statement just cannot be missed. tailored three-piece suits, skirt suits are a strong trend for autumn-winter 2022. These structured garments are comfortable, elegant, classic and are a must to invest in.


Another trend that’s going to catch everyone’s eyes is layering. Wearing clothes on top of clothes is seen in almost every runway design. Shorts layered with legging, coats over sweaters over shirts, blazer on jean, overcoats on mini dress, layering with sheer tops, turtle necks under dresses, dresses over pants, are some key tips to lookout for.


Spring-summer did give a hint of catsuit but in the winter runway these seem to be in every form—be it leather, printed, knitted, denim or anything you can think of. People who are not so comfortable, can always team up a catsuit with your skirt, shorts, overcoat as options.


Another trend that is so evident is corsetry detailing. Corsets are seen in different styles, fit and fabrics. Styles ranging from busters, long sleeves, strapless, gothic to so many more and fabrics like satin, fleece, leather, denims simply accentuate power, sexuality and feminism in every form.


This trend is still making a mark in autumn-winter 2022. Top to bottom in a single colour especially black is the strongest monochrome style this season. From your clothes to accessories to shoes, style everything of same colour. Use of different textures of the same colour adds to making your outfit sexier.


This woollen fabric of soft and flexible texture is a trend to lookout for. It is popularly used by designers on the runway in all colours and forms. Chanel almost dedicated its entire line to Tweed. Jackets, skirts, mini dresses, pants and coats, etc, the list is endless.

Leather and Velvet

No fabric became as popular as leather this year. Leather garments were everywhere in the form of suits sets, leather pants and legging to coats and dresses. This material simply levels up any look. Velvet too saw a comeback this year. Add these fabrics in black, ruby and emerald shades for your special occasions and evening wear.

Feather, Embellishments, Textures and Knits

This season is less about prints and patterns but focuses more on textures and embellishments to add fun to garments. Feather and fur are extensively used to accentuate garments. Also, the use of knits cannot be overlooked.


Knee length boots, platform sneakers and shoes, gloves, bow, belts, hair pins, scarves all add up to upscale enhance your final look.

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