10 Biggest Trends This Summer

If there’s one thing the theme of this summer connotes, it’s a sense of fierceness and adventure that lifts spirits and spreads joy. We see this everywhere from our summer vacation spots to fashion and beauty. Pushing such an agenda in creative ways, the latest beauty trends of the season is a sweet joyful blend of the mood of the season. 

From an array of makeup looks too inspiring to deserve more than a single stare, to hairstyles that are oh-so-fab, these summer beauty trends are stealing the show full steam ahead. While uplifting our timelines inaudacious ways, these current makeup and hair crazes have also managed to set new standards of beauty. They showcase an enthusiasm for creativity despite the not-so-exciting global matters, and they also flaunt the need to embrace non-conforming beauty.

From fun and eclectic makeup techniques like the impossible-to-ignore floating eyeliner trend to joyful and vibrant hairstyles like colorful hairstyles, there’s a trend in here for every fashionista. However, the revolving theme borders on daring adventures. That is to say, if you’ve been eyeing an unconventional look but have been unable to find an appropriate time to rock it, now is definitely the time. 

In the midst of all the show, it may seem that toned-down looks have taken the backstage, but not so much. While drama is center stage, subtle takes are still well and alive. In other words, whether you’re a whimsical and full glam devotee or an au naturel queen, your beauty mood board is in for a treat! Are you ready to join the fun?

Check out the latest beauty trends for Summer 2022…


#1. Pops of color

We told you that colors are in this summer, and the beauty scene is vibrating with it. From colorful eyeliners to bright lipsticks and eyeshadows, there’s no ban on bright tones this season. Therefore, if you have your makeup kit filled with colors you’re yet to try following two years of the pandemic, the goddess Iris beckons you to explore. Go crazy with color (reasonably, of course) or just use a touch of it, it’s all up to you. 

#2. “No makeup” makeup look

On the other end of the spectrum, “no makeup” makeup looks are a recurring theme this season. Perhaps, this is due to the skincare fad and our recent drive to put our best skin forward. If wilding with color isn’t on your to-do list this season, you should surely take a glance in the direction of subtle. 


#3. Flushed cheeks

The blush is back baby! This summer, adorn your cheeks with cream blush to create a flush effect. The goal is to have the blush seep into your skin to create a realistic look and cream blushes are the best way to achieve this. Your tone of choice doesn’t matter as long as it marries well with your complexion and doesn’t appear artificial. Don’t forget to blend.


#4. Naturalistic brows

We have come to the conclusion that brow pencils/pomade don’t exist to create eyebrows out of thin air. Rather, their purpose is to enhance what we actually have. In view of this, the brows of the season are more natural-looking accentuated with mere strokes of the pencil. No thick lines, no extra, extra length… just the best of what nature has to offer. Simply put, your real brows are calling the shots this summer. That sounds like fun.


#5. Nude lips

On the days when you don’t want a pop of color on your lips, nude lipsticks will work as well. What’s more, this classic pairs rightly with any ensemble and fits any occasion that it’ll be a beauty crime if you don’t try it a handful of times this season. 


#6. Floating eyeliner

Fun, flirty, adventurous, and creative are some words to describe the floating eyeliner trend. This season, celebs and beauty influencers have been spotted severally making a case for this makeup technique, and it’s no surprise why. Elevates the eyes? Check. Flatters the face? Check. Ridiculously edgy? Check. What more could you possibly need?



#7. Curls

As more and more sistas embrace their curls/coils, the result can be seen in the beauty scene. From thick voluminous hairstyles to loose wavy options and every curl in between, this summer requires that you let your curls/coils out in celebration of who you are.

#8. Ponytails

Another latest beauty trend that has been tried and trusted by women over the decades is the ponytail hairstyle. Given their universal appeal and eternally trendy nature, it’s no surprise this one has been around even longer than some Gen Zs. (coughs).


#9. Locs

Yup, they are still in and we like-y. Locs have an uncontestable way of gracing a woman, thus evoking a regal vibe. And when you pair this hairstyle with a befitting outfit, you really do look like you walked out of an African monarch’s fairytale. Whether you opt for a long or short option, the result is the same. This season, feel free to accentuate your hairdo with hair accessories for even more glam. You can also twist it into Bantu knots to update your look.


#10. Colored hair

A little (or a lot of) color in your hair this summer certainly sticks to the motto of the season: fun and daring. From bright hues like platinum and red to more toned-down options, don’t be afraid to try some color before the season gives way.   

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